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Toward the Future, Toward the World

Moritaka Yoshida, Chairman

A Once-in-a-Century Transformation of the Automotive Industry

Led by the rise of connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) technologies, the automotive industry stands on the verge of a once-in-a-century transformation. The future automobiles will cease to be disconnected from their surroundings, becoming integrated into social systems and playing a greater role in building even more satisfying lives. Technology will grow even more sophisticated and its span will grower even wider. The business models and competitors of the industry are also likely to continue changing. The coronavirus crisis has also affected values and working practices around the world. The speed of change is something that we have never experienced before.


Changing the Research Model

To overcome the challenges of this period of profound transformation, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. must completely revitalize its fields and methods of research. Our role is to engage in cutting edge technology research that proactively anticipates future social needs and to contribute to communities around the world through the activities of the Toyota Group. For this reason, we have to build competitiveness by focusing our automotive research on key themes related to CASE technologies, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and the like, and then actively pursue advanced research in new fields. In particular, we are strengthening our cutting edge research capabilities in non-automotive fields related to people, towns, communities, and the concept of software-first. In 2019, we started large-scale collaborative projects with the University of Tokyo, J-PARC*1, and FREA*2. We also opened our Tokyo Campus as a hub for external collaboration. In the future, we intend to further intensify external cooperation, including with research institutes outside Japan.

J-PARC: Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex
FREA: Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Taking on the Challenges of Cutting Edge Research for the Future of All Toyota

Strengthening our cutting edge research capabilities in new fields presents issues for the whole of the Toyota Group. The Toyota Group has long experience and a proven track record of automotive research and development. However, new research topics outside the automotive field and the concept of software-first are as yet unknown quantities. Therefore, the Toyota Group will have to redouble its cooperative approach to advanced research, including for the social sciences, quantum computing, and other fields.

We will serve as the hub for these efforts and, with a fresh outlook, we will work to coordinate research across the whole of the Toyota Group.

Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. is determined to prevail in this life-or-death struggle for the future. We will strive to become an even more invaluable corporate research laboratory for the Toyota Group and, indeed, the whole world.



Born in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.
Entered Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (the current Toyota Motor Corporation).
Appointed as Chief Engineer of the Lexus Development Center, Toyota Motor Corporation.
Appointed as Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Appointed as Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Appointed as Chairman of Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.