Further reducing the weight of vehicles is critically important for reducing tailpipe CO2 emissions and increasing the range of electric vehicles. We are pursuing the following three important research themes to realize ultra-lightweight safe, comfortable, and low-cost vehicles.
(1) The identification of optimum structures factoring in vehicle performance and manufacturing processes
(2) The realization of highly efficient manufacturing (machining) processes for high-strength parts using materials such as aluminum and steel
(3) The realization of low-cost, high-quality manufacturing processes from strength prediction to the bonding of dissimilar materials, starting from the synthesis of fibers, to enable the construction of high-strength CFRP* parts
*CFRP : carbon fiber reinforced plastic


“GUM METAL” exhibits a range of “super” properties, such as ultralow modulus, ultrahigh strength, and it is expected to find a wide range of applications, including in spectacle frames and orthodontic wire.
* The result was publishied in the journal "Science", (Science, Vol. 300, Iss. 5618, pp. 464-467(2003))


Bio-based Plastic Alloy with High Impact Strength

Nanoscale control of the phase structure by introducing a salami structure resulted in the creation of a novel “salami in co-continuous phase structure”, which exhibited top-level impact strength and good rigidity.

Bio-based Plastic Alloy with High Impact Strength