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Volume 50 Number 4 (2019.12)

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Innovative Technologies for the Automotive Structure and Processing

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  • 7. Serendipitous Discoveries in Studies of Electrolytes, Conjugated Materials and Molecular Complexes PDF(1253kB)

    pages 53-60
    Tohru Shiga

    This paper describes five novel phenomena that I encountered during my career in research. These are (1) the anisotropic swelling of ionic gels in dc electric fields, (2) the electrorheological effect in non-conducting gels, (3) the effect of tensile loading on the fluorescence lifetimes of soluble polymers, (4) the decomposition of magnesium oxide in iodine/dimethyl sulfoxide solutions and the applications of this behavior to provide a charging catalyst in secondary Mg-air batteries, and (5) the anomalously high redox potential of iodine species.