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Article jointly conducted TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS.,INC. and TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION on " Insights for the Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts with Excellent Mass Efficiency " was published in ACS Catalysis.

Reducing the use of catalysts and improving their functionality are important issues in many catalytic reactions that support society. As a way to solve this problem, research on nanoscale catalysts is being conducted all over the world.

In this paper, we succeeded in creating nano-clusters composed of several platinum atoms by size, and carefully investigated the correlation between the structure and catalytic performance of the oxidation reaction of carbon monoxide. As a result, it was found that platinum atoms with a small coordination number located at the edge of the nanocluster have a small activity, and thus an atomic-level structural design that increases the coordination number of these atoms is necessary to maximize the catalytic performance. This knowledge is expected to contribute to the resource-saving design of energy conversion catalyst materials to achieve carbon neutrality.

The cover image of the issue uses supplemental cover art from this study.

Title:Insight for Designing Mass-efficient Metal-oxide-supported Heterogeneous Catalyst from the Identification of the Catalytically Active Edge Sites Using Isotopically Labeled 13CO and 18O2
Authors: Beniya, A., Miwa, K., Hirata, H., Watanabe, Y., Higashi, S.

Journal Name: ACS Catalysis
Published: 21 January 2022
ACS Catalysis

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