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  • Published online in Energy Storage Materials

Published online in Energy Storage Materials

Article on "Analysis on Electrochemical Reaction of Lithium Titanium Oxide Li4Ti5O12" by Kazuhiko Mukai et al., was published in Energy Storage Materials.

Zero-strain insertion material, Li4Ti5O12, has garnered significant attention as an ideal electrode material for long cycle-life lithium-ion batteries, owing to its negligible volume change during the electrochemical reactions. However, this same characteristic hinders in-depth understanding of the reaction mechanism for more than 30 years, restricting widespread applications to electric and hybrid electric vehicles. We thus employed the recently developed operando X-ray absorption and X-ray diffraction techniques in Toyota beamline at the synchrotron radiation facility, SPring-8, and revealed detailed structural variations at the atomic and microscopic scale. The obtained results are useful for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries, in which robust interfaces between electrodes and electrolyte are required.

Title: Unveiling Scale Differences in the Two-phase Transformation of Li4Ti5O12 via Operando X-ray Absorption and Diffraction Studies
Authors:Kazuhiko Mukai, Takamasa Nonaka, and Takeshi Uyama
Journal Name: Energy Storage Materials
Published: 12 November 2021

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