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Published in Nature Communications

Research on “The role of oxygen-permeable ionomer for polymer electrolyte fuel cells” by Ryosuke Jinnouchi et al., was published in Nature Communications.
It is known that the incorporation of a cyclic molecular structure into the ionomer of a cathode electrocatalyst improves the energy conversion efficiency of fuel cells. In this paper, by combining simulations and electrochemical analyses, we show that the ionomer promotes oxygen transport and catalytic reactions in the vicinity of the catalyst. The results indicate that designing the molecular structure of ionomer as well as the electrode structure is important for further improving the fuel cells performance. This paper has been selected as an Editor's Highlights in the field of Energy in Nature Communications.

Title:The role of oxygen-permeable ionomer for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Authors:Ryosuke Jinnouchi, Kenji Kudo, Kensaku Kodama, Naoki Kitano, Takahisa Suzuki, Saori Minami, Kazuma Shinozaki, Naoki Hasegawa & Akihiro Shinohara

Journal Name:Nature Communications
Published:16 August 2021

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